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The very hot McQueen shoes, who created the soul for him

The fall 2019 friends and fashion circles are now bursting at the seams with McQueen once again! What is McQueen’s appeal? First of all, let’s learn more about McQueen shoes!

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McQueen shoes is a British brand, belongs to a luxury brand, its more famous classic items in addition to Cheap McQueen women shoes i McQueen white shoes and skull scarf, ultra-low waist jeans and donkey shoes, are very fashionable and special style.

McQueen shoes have many different colors, the most classic is the thick-soled black tail white shoes, not only can play a certain height effect, lengthen the proportion of legs, the foot part of the design can also make the legs look thinner.

The classic McQueen shoes are all pure white except for the heel part which has a black tail, and there is a silver McQueen brand English letter logo on the tongue part, which is also the name of the McQueen shoes designer.

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The design of the lace-up part of the McQueen shoes is also quite unique, not a crossed design, but a design of parallel horizontal wide laces. The toe part of the shoe is a smaller showy style, the sole part of the shoe starts to project outward from the sides of the toe, and the whole is a thick-soled design.

This design will be more comfortable when wearing and will not feel more tired when walking. The tongue part of the shoe is a wider design, which is slightly stiffer than the shoe part, so it may rub your feet when you first start wearing it.

The design of the white shoes and black tail is very versatile, whether it’s a more comfortable sporty style or a more casual daily match.

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The designer turned out to be him?

Alexander McQueen (real name: Lee Alexander McQueen; March 17, 1969 – February 11, 2010), born in London, was a famous British fashion designer, known as the “bad boy”, and is considered the godfather of British fashion.

In 1991, he graduated from St. Martin’s College of Art and Design with a master’s degree in Fine Arts, and in 1992 he started his own label, and since 1993 has worked for fashion companies in the UK, Japan and Italy. In 1994, he became a teacher of tailoring at the Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, and in 1996, he worked for the famous French fashion house Givenchy. In 1997, he replaced John Galliano as the head designer of Givenchy, one of France’s top brands, and in 1998 he designed the Givenchy Spring/Autumn ’99 show at Paris Fashion Week to critical acclaim. In 1998, he designed Kate Winslet’s evening gown for the actress in Titanic for her Academy Awards gala appearance.

McQueen founded his own label, Alexander McQueen, in 1992, incorporating the traditional British tailoring techniques he learned while working for Anderson & Sheppard and stage clothing manufacturer Bermans & Nathans into his personal collection. McQueen’s post-modern collections, with their delicate tailoring, have won critical acclaim. In 1997, McQueen used the Kimono Sleeve to create a collection that was inspired by Japanese designer Koji Tatsuno and Italian designer Romeo Gigli. The logo of Alexander McQueen is MC, so many people refer to the brand as MC or MCQ.

In 1996, when McQueen launched his first official collection, his “bumster pant” jeans became the headline in many newspapers the following day. McQueen’s designs are often a blend of polar opposites – traditional and modern, strong and feminine – and have earned her a reputation as a unique designer. Alexander McQueen was awarded “Best British Designer” in 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003. Alexander McQueen’s innovative fashion shows have been hailed by fashion critics as some of the most captivating fashion shows of our time.

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