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Internal Archives: Restore the old-fashioned Alexander McQueen

On the 10th anniversary of Lee McQueen’s death, William Vintage worked with The Restory to restore and revive 10 pairs of shoes from the late designer.
Retro fashion expert William Vintage has carefully planned a series of very historic Alexander McQueen fashion show shoes to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the designer’s tragic death. The company partnered with The Restory, a luxury repair service company, to restore the appearance of footwear to make them look like new shoes before being sold Cheap Alexander McQueen .

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These ten pairs of shoes (including sandals and boots between 1995 and 2002) come from a private collection-an anonymous person, with an incredible collection of Lee McQueen’s previous designs.

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“We have never made old-fashioned shoes, but when I saw them, I just knew I had to put them there, they were so great,” Marie Blanchet, CEO of William Vintage )tell us.

There are actually many pairs of shoes on the McQueen fashion show, but there are still original stickers to assign them to their respective fashion shows.

Blanchet explained: “We know very well that some shoes are runway shoes, and some things can be considered as the default value, but this is actually what gives the shoe value.”

copy Kids Oversized Sneaker 587691WHX12K9086

Certain footwear first made their debut in some of McQueen ’s most iconic shows, from his famous “Highland Rape” speech in 1995 to the 2001 “Voss” show with the theme of asylum, and the 1999 “No. 13” (unforgettable live performance) sprayed paint on the clothes worn by Shalom Harlow.
Thais Cipolletta, the co-founder of The Restory, said: “I am truly passionate about McQueen’s products and his design and respect for craftsmanship,” his team is committed to restoring these works. “This is a great honor.”

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